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Is Telehealth a Good Option?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many aspects of health care were ramped up. Learning to complete tasks at breakneck speed and under dire circumstances was a challenge during the pandemic. Technological advances were vital. Due to the high rate of infectivity of the virus, the healthcare landscape had to pivot to a new way of getting things done.

One of the outcomes was a surge in telemedicine. Even after deaths due to COVID-19 plummeted, the importance of telehealth visits could not be denied. Whether you live in an apartment in Manhattan or in the wilderness in Wyoming, you can access a doctor on your smartphone, tablet, or computer, often very quickly. These appointments are not meant to replace an ER visit or an in-person visit to the doctor for a potentially severe issue. But they can play a significant role in your healthcare for non-urgent matters.

For instance, if you have an itchy rash on your hand, a quick telehealth visit is an excellent way to get a prescription sent to your pharmacy. Likewise, mild flu, migraines, a sinus infection, and other non-urgent conditions can be assessed and treated remotely in many instances. Rather than scheduling an appointment, taking off work, driving through rush-hour traffic, then waiting at the doctor’s office, you can hop on an appointment online.

It is important to note that a telehealth visit is not meant to address a potential emergency; calling 911 is. Telehealth visits have their place, no doubt. But if you are really concerned about an issue and don’t know if it is serious or not, contact your doctor first. Convenience never takes the place of caution.

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